Event Management that is Effective and Efficient

With only the imagination as a limit, we bring all our expertise and creativity to the table to craft your ‘next-level’ event. We do almost all types of events, including; Conferences, Off-site Training Workshops and Seminars, Office Parties, Awards Evenings, Gala Dinners, Product Launches, Road Shows, Team Building, private functions, end of year parties, Celebrations and ALL Special Occasions.

Specialists in What we do….. We do, because we can

Next Level Events specializes in the exceptional, spectacular, remarkable, astonishing, unusual, extreme, off-the-wall, out-of-this-world, fantatstical, unique, one-of-a-kind, memorable, outstanding, extra-ordinary, ‘Next-Level’ events that truly marvel and astound. Our team of creative originals bang heads and arm wrestle and mind storm to bring you the ultimate Event.

Next Level Corporate Events

Your Corporate Image is reflected in all company events to ensure the correct reputation and perception is properly received. We do all Company events, Conferences, Awards Evenings, Gala Dinners, Product Launches, Team Building, Road Shows and Office Functions.

Next Level Artists and Performers

Here your guests, “oooh, aaaah”. Extreme Performers are thrilling, leaving your guests amazed and on the edge of their seats. If you are looking for that extra WOW factor, consider your options…… Fire Dancers, Aerial Acrobatics, Pyrotechnics etc

Next-Level Live Entertainment

Every event just has to have something to keep your guests involved and entertained and what better than Live Entertainment. Adds fun and gives all events that bit ‘more’ to enjoy. Stage Productions, Dance Shows, Comedians, Singers, Bands, DJ’s, Magicians and more.

Next-Level Event Themes

Themed Events ensure your guests are at the right place and in the right style. Themes bring smiles and joy to all guests and remain, always memorable whether it be; ‘Under the Sea’, ‘Outer Space’, or your particular favorite Fantasy and Fiction.

Next-Level Venue Selection

It is the ‘where’ that makes all the difference and delivers excitement to an event before you walk through the door. So many venues, so many events. Blue Water, Mile-High, Underwater, Open Air Outdoor, Marquees and extra-ordinary specialty venues.

Next-Level Wining and Dining

The way to the heart is through the taste buds and everyone loves a good meal. No matter the occasion, from Spit-Braais, Themed Dining, Fine Dining, Full Service or Buffet, the difference is in the detail and precision and taste.

Every Occasion is made special in it’s own way and it’s up to you and us to put together an event that is memorable and heat warming to your delegates and guests. A picture may paint a 1000 words, but an experience paints so much more.

Next Level Events, an Any Event Organizer